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An energy professional and environment enthusiast, keen on making as much a difference as I can to give my sons and the future generations to lead a healthy life and have a sustainable planet that can survive for many years to come. I am a firm believer that renewable clean energy is the field where I can help the most and this is why I am joining SEEDS to share and gain experience. In 2019 I became PMP certified. Currently I am pursuing MSc in Renewable Energy Development from Heriot Watt University in Scotland, UK. I have been working in Kuwait for quiet sometime during which I have organized and been involved in multiple events promoting for renewable energy and a more sustainable planet.


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Environmental Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown, A Spotlight in The Darkness

  • 29/11/2020


Environmental Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown, A Spotlight in The Darkness
  • Yasmeen Alkandari
    Yasmeen Alkandari

    Great read Amr! COVID-19 truly did spark an opportunity in restoring Air Quality and GHG emissions. I am curious to know what kind of plans are governments trying to implement in efforts of maintaining high air quality levels. Do you have additional references that tell more about this?

  • Amr Rashidy
    Amr Rashidy

    Sure Yasmeen, I would be happy to share it... There are some available resources on the internet as well for Green Recovery plans. Most notably, UK and Nairobi in Kenya.