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Aubai Alkhatib

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Aubai Al-Khatib is a renewable energy expert, specialist in grid performance verification for decentralised generation. 9 years of working experience at Wobben research and development center of Enercon GmbH has lead to the involvement in different projects like the certification of different renewable energies products ( wind turbains , solar power inverters, storage systems,... etc.) for national and international markets (like: german market, Canadian market, italian market,... etc.) and the involvment in different studies for grid stability with high penetration ratio of DG. Good knowledge in national and international standers for renewable energie and grid operators (IEC, TAB, HQD, HQT, TR3, 4,8). Expert in all measuremt related works, from meausrement equipment selection, installation, preperation to evaluation using different evaluation tools like Matlab, FAMOS, ...etc.


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