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I am Sustainability Consultant, LEED AP BD+C, Edge Expert, USGBC Faculty. I have over 14 years' experience in the Environmental Industry and more than 6 years as specification writer. I am preparing all LEED and sustainability specification for ECG projects in the MENA region and I am Sustainability projects Administrator working to demonstrate LEED and sustainable process among different projects team and fully aware of LEED V4 and LEED V4.1. I am LEED AP BD+C since 2014 working in LEED projects in the MENA region, USGBC Faculty, and Edge Expert. I am now PhD candidate in sustainable development. My master degree concentrates on Environmental Engineering Management & Technology. Through five main topics; Introduction to environmental issues, Air pollution control, water pollution control, soil pollution control, solid waste management, and Environmental management tools and systems. I believe the knowledge and skills built up during this time is very important step in sustainability . I have my own page to spread the knowledge of Greenbuilng and sustainability, please check the link https://www.facebook.com/leedaccreditedprofessio nals/. In addition, I am board member at Egypt GBC http://www.egyptgbc.org/, represent the council in MENA world GBCs committee outreach, and working with the technical team who develop the new rating system Tarsheed. In my previous experience in variety roles, I have gained special experience which enables me to deal with various problems and people and choose the best way to deal with them. Also, I represent many firms like ECG, Egypt Green Building Council, and Engineering Syndicate in many Events and trainings and this enables me to face audience and convince them with my interactive presentations. I am confident that I can bring this level of success with me to your prestigious platform. https://www.linkedin.com/in/hoda-ibrahim-ba924b50


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