Dr / Khairy Hassn

Dr / Khairy Hassn

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Doctor at research center at Egypt Dr / Khairy Hassan lecturer for sustainable development at Helwan university. Advisor of Egyptian company for solid waste recycling at Egyptian company for solid waste recycling Experienced Advisor of Company with a demonstrated history of working in the environmental services industry. * Experienced development consultant in climate change and improved natural resources management* Provided Technical Support and Advice to Ministries of Environment and Agriculture to organizations, business, enterprises, agencies. Project development / management in climate change, recycling of solid and agricultural wastes, waste management, etc. * Contributor and participant in the construction of large two plants of biogas, with an estimated investment value of LE 50 Million * Holding more than 350symposiums and workshops for the recycling of solid and agricultural waste and conversion of useful purposes.Projects planning - Energy efficiency – sustainability. * Chairman of association of sustainable environment development for recycling solid and agricultural waste and clean renewable energySkilled in Sustainable Development, Environmental Awareness,Agri-business Development/ Horticulture Value ChainHorticultural Specialist English, Management, and Microsoft Excel. professional with a Doctorate in environmental science focused in recycling of Agricultural and solid waste from Doctorate in environmental sciences


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