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An Electrical engineer and an Environmentalist. The founder of Eco Star Environmental Services initiative, the winner of natahed award 1st place as the best initiative in Kuwait 2018, and startup and innovate award winner 1st place , that aims to Establish sustainable plans and services in kuwait to solve waste pollution problems through recycling factories in Kuwait, providing eco-friendly products, and waste management studies. A Participants in many environmental expos and events that aims to raise the awareness about environmental topics and issues. The Challenge Award winner for Green building design for refugees camps 2018. Worked on PV panels and solar energy Simulationa to improve efficiencies utilizing eco friendly elements.


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Kuwait Biggest Environmental Home Gardening Award

  • 25/04/2020


Kuwait Biggest Environmental Home Gardening Award
  • Yasmeen Alkandari
    Yasmeen Alkandari

    That's the first time I hear about this award! Thank you for sharing this. I really hope we start seeing more of local agriculture practices in Kuwait!