About Us

Who we are

SEEDS stands for Sustainable Environemntal and Energy Design Solutions. It is the first platform in the MENA region providing sustainability education, knowledge & resources for professionals. It connects individuals & experts in the sustainable built environment through interactive and professional tools.

SEEDS is managed and lead by a group of sustainability enthusiasts and professionals who are thriving to enhance the sustainability education and encourage a greener economy in the MENA region.


Our Team


Co-founder & CEO

Yuser Almutawa

Co-Founder & COO

Dhari AlJanahi


Asiyaa Mader

Administrative Manager

Bandar AlMutairi

LEED Project Engineer

Ahmad Salmeen

Junior LEED Officer

Ghanima Almutawa

Marketing Consultant

Our Mission

Integrate and embed leading edge sustainability into current practice to provide appropriate dynamic solutions that inspire communities to coexist and grow with the environment.

Our Vision

To transform conventional built environments.


SEEDS logo carries a very symbolic meaning. It was deliberately designed in an abstract form to reflect the various aspects of the platform. The letter S was incorporated in a leaf form to represent a green environment, the continuity demonstrated by the curves of the letter S represents the dynamic revolution of sustainability. With the right seeds being planted in the right environment this visualization can be maintained and achieved.


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