Nourishment and Sustainability

Nourishment and Sustainability

A phrase you may have been across previously. You are what you eat. If you eat enough nutrition and vitamins, your body will be healthy, but if you eat lots of sugar and fats, you will not be fit enough. You may wonder what the relationship between what we eat and sustainability is.

Sustainability has three pillars; as we previously said, one of these pillars is the social pillar, which tackles the human aspect, from being comfortable indoors to what they eat. If you consume less meat, your fat level will be reduced, and you will put fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It said that if everyone in the U.S. cut their meat consumption by 25%, it would reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by 1%, which would affect the atmosphere, you see the link now? 

Eating and providing fruits and non-fried vegetables in our spaces and nutritional information such as the sugar level and calories will help to reduce various illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

In Kuwait, it said that 12.2% of the population suffers from diabetes, and it is the sixth country with the highest prevalence of diabetes in 2021. So do you make sure to eat healthily? 


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