Wellness and sustainability

Wellness and sustainability

Maintaining the enclosed environment to enhance the well-being and mental health of the occupant has become more necessary than ever before since we live in closed spaces for about 90% of our time, such as our homes, offices and gym [1]. 

You may ask whether there is any link between our well-being, mental health and sustainability. The answer is yes, and a strong connection. You may be aware of the sustainability pillars, but if you do not, it is okay. There are a few pillars for sustainability; one of them is the social pillar, which focuses on improving the indoor environment for the occupants [2]. 

Let us demonstrate an example to visualise the connection between well-being and sustainability. Imagine you are in an office room where you can not concentrate on your tasks. You are not sure whether it is from the noise in the adjacent rooms, the temperature surrounding you, the glare hitting your desktop or the uncomfortable chairs you are sitting on. All these factors contribute to your productivity and, as a result, reduce your comfort level. 

All the issues above could be eliminated earlier in the design stage. 
If the isolation level of the materials used in the office had been selected carefully, the layout of the office space had been adequately distributed; the noise level would have been reduced and tackled. If personal cooling/heating devices for your office room are given, your comfort level will be managed. If the architecture firm simulated the level of daylight coming to your office and altered the design, you would not be getting any glare. Finally, if you have been provided with an adjustable chair that can adjust the seat's height and depth, you will feel comfortable. 

All these factors contribute to your well-being and productivity; if you manage to control these, you may require less time to finalise your tasks; if the lighting level is calculated correctly, the energy consumption would be reduced, cooling the spaces. This is the connection between wellness and sustainability. You will satisfy both concepts when you balance them perfectly and address the issues in the earliest design stage. 

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