Eco-tips for Ramadhan #consumeless_caremore

Eco-tips for Ramadhan #consumeless_caremore

Ramadan can be a chance for building new healthy & sustainable habits. Being sustainable means being environmentally friendly as well supporting your local community and economy. 
To get you started, we have highlighted the main issues we face during Ramadan and the eco-friendly solutions for each issue. We have also included recommendations for instagram accounts that can help you with your journey.

Issue 1: Over Consumption of Food
In Ramadhan, we usually use and buy more food than gets consumed
Solution: Let us be watchful over these consumptions by at least giving away the leftovers of our food to food banks or keeping them in the food refrigerator installed in different areas and Coops all over Kuwait for those in need. 
Find @fridgesofkuwait ( ) on Instagram and stick their fridges with your leftovers.

Issue 2: Using plastic. We can eliminate the use of plastic, especially cutlery, cups, and straws. As we gather during the holy month, we tend to use more plastics for our gatherings and get-togethers. 
Solution: This Ramadan try to eliminate the use of plastic and switch to re-usable, the following accounts offer eco-firendly and re-suable :
    a) @thegreencamel_kw -
    b) @thesanitystore -
    g) @Corals. kw -
     i) @leaplovesgreen -

Another solution for using plastic is to Recycle. The following accounts offer plastic recycling:
  1. @recyclekuwait  - paper,plastic
  2. @enviroservekw -electornics -
  3. @directaidorg - paper -
  4. @eco.tirekw - Tires -
Issue 3: Consuming Unhealthy food: 
Our eating habits tend to be unhealthy in Ramadhan since we crave different things while we're fasting and we end up eating more than we want and food that isn't as nutritious enough to fill up our body that would help it get back onto its healthy state after a long day of fasting.
Solution: We need to not only eat healthy and organic foods but also buy, support and utilize local produce from local markets and farmers. It is also an afffective way to reduce our carbon footprint by switching to local farmers' and shops. We recommend the following to buy from:
     a) @psycho_greens -
     b) @sustainable_organic_q8 -
     d) @sadeer_farms -
     e) @itallgrows -
     f)  @compost_with_me -
     i) @albandairy -
     j) @beorganickw -

Issue 4: Over Purchasing for Ramadan Decorations: We all love the spirit of Ramadan. Decorating our homes for the holy month is a tradition that we all follow. However, we can definitely upcycle products and waste we already have at home to turn it into a decoration without the need of buying something new.
Solution: We recommend the following accounts to inspire you for  eco decorations for Ramadan with a little impact on our planet:

This blog post was co-authored with Asiyaa Mader.

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