The Sustainable Household

The Sustainable Household

Every household in Kuwait holds the key to a sustainable future. The household is an important collective of individuals which have the power to help direct future rules, regulations and markets. Achieving a sustainable household in Kuwait should revolve around different aspects to incorporate in your life which focus on sustainability. Different aspects will be presented in the article to help the reader mould their households into a sustainable lifestyle. 

One of the main aspects where households can be active and begin their sustainable lifestyle is utilizing their purchasing power to make a change. Consumers in Kuwait should research the products before they purchase them to assure the company has a mission statement focusing on a type of sustainability or are pursuing a sustainable agenda. Furthermore, using the households purchasing power, Kuwait can push more sustainable options from supermarkets and industries allowing them to sustainability develop. The second aspect focuses on the households ability to reduce, reuse and recycle. The concept of the 3 R’s is crucial for any household due to the abundance of products that could be purchased. Households should limit certain products with a high negative environmental impact or purchase items in certain sizes to reduce their carbon footprint. Reusing items that can be appropriated for the household, such as old textiles could be made into rugs or a substitute for cleaning products. Lastly, recycle as much as you can when you can. Different options are available in Kuwait to help households recycle many of the wastes that are generated which can be then utilized in other areas in Kuwait. The EPA of Kuwait has a list of companies that are able to help households recycle different products. The last aspect is to be self-sufficient and reduce one's dependence on external products or materials. Planting vegetable gardens or utilizing space within the house to grow different crops can promote not only a sustainable lifestyle but also healthy living. 

The household not only holds a family or a group of friends, but a key to a more sustainable future. Following some of the aspects mentioned above such as researching your products, or following the 3 R’s households can slowly achieve a sustainable lifestyle. And lastly, being self-sufficient and finding your own solutions to sustainability. By working together and starting from the ground up we can help transition into a sustainable tomorrow.


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