5 tips to pass the new PMP 2021 Exam!

5 tips to pass the new PMP 2021 Exam!

Studying for the new PMP exam can be quite frustrating since most of the provided online information is about the older version. Therefore, I decided to share my experience of studying for the new exam and how I passed the exam given the fact that I was trained from the past exam material.

I undertook the 35 contact training hours online to qualify for the PMP exam in September 2020 and finished the training by December 2020! By that time, it was announced by the PMI that the new exam will be released and I wasn't ready to take the old exam so I was waiting to take the new exam which no one knew much about and I couldn't find enough material to refer to. in this article, I share my 5 top tips to pass the exam.

Here are 5 tips to pass your PMP exam in the smartest way possible:

Tip #1: Take a recap online course!

As I took my exam in August 2021, I needed an easy and stress-free way to start revising and recap all the material I was taught in the 35 hours of training. I bought a course on Udemy by Joseph Phillis and you can find it on the following link: https://www.udemy.com/course/pmp-exam-cram-session-pmbok6/. I really liked the way Joesph lays out the information and refers to real-life situations that we can relate to during studying to understand the concept behind certain processes. His most helpful tip was to keep study cards handy and write each keyword on one side and the explanation on the other side of the study cards ( flashcards) and revise those cards daily to remember all the terminologies from the PMBOK 7. 

Tip #2: Read the PMBOK7 Guide

I read the PMBOK7 a couple of times and kept referring to it for situational examples. It's very important to understand how the examples questions are answered and understand how the PMI expects you to react in a situation. Always think about You can get a hold of the PMBOK7 via the following link: https://www.pmi.org/pmbok-guide-standards/foundational/pmbok and if you are a PMI member use the code on the page to get a discount when you purchase it. 

Tip #3: Focus on Hybrid and Agile situations

The PMP 2021 exam domains are focused on people, processes, and the business environment (See table below). 


                                                                                                                  The 2020 Exam vs the 2021 Exam

A lot of the question in the exam was based on the full range of development/management approaches but specifically, the hybrid and agile management styles were common. The new exam will assess the principles-oriented approach rather than the processes-oriented approach. in other words,  I would advise you to focus on the principles and outcomes of hybrid and agile approaches rather than processes. 

Tip #4: Practice exam questions

This is the most important tip! Practice, practice, and practice! You can practice the questions for the PMP exam either from the questions you have from your tutor that provided you with the 35hr training or download an exam simulator. I personally used the following simulator and it really benefitted me! https://www.pm-exam-simulator.com/pmp-exam-simulator/order. It's important to time yourself as well when you're answering those questions and be as fast as possible when you read them as you will run out of time in the real exam ( I had 20 questions left to answer in the last 5 minutes!). Some exam questions are longer than others, so divide your time wisely. 

Tip #5: Do not over-study!

The PMP exam is all about situations that you as a project manager will behave and take action. The exam focuses on testing your understanding more than memorizing certain keywords or concepts. Do not over study, over learn information, and focus on how as PM you are expected to react in tough situations with clients and your team specifically.

Best of luck if you are taking the exam soon! For any tips, email me on yuser@seedsplatform.com. 


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