EDGE: An Emerging Green Building System

EDGE: An Emerging Green Building System

EDGE: An Emerging Green Building System


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1.Eng. Noor Esbaitah              2. Eng. Ahmad Musleh                                    3. Eng. Dana Al Sharayha
4. Arch. Hind Hadidi


Green sector has come a long way, from integrating sustainable practices to actively transforming the market to make it more sustainable. Sustainability & green practices are now the most strategic solution driven by market forces and major organizations around the world to achieve our climate action ambitions. 

And as we recognize the building sector for its central role in that solution, given it is the major contributor to GHG emission, especially with the rapid wave of urban growth the world is currently undergoing, thereby we also recognize the critical role engineers & experts across the sector have to play to advance and assist on bringing the solutions to the ground! 

Better Buildings mean a Better Future! 

Buildings have a great influence on the well-being of humans, the economy and the environment. Built environment ranging from buildings, neighborhoods and even cities can and must promote energy efficiency, resources efficiency and concepts well beyond that, to truly become decarbonized. A traditional building is no longer a healthier nor a responsible choice, from which we should pave the way to advance the implementation of different strategies, active or passive, in order to turn what was once a traditional building into a functioning ‘green’ building that has a lower carbon footprint. And while these strategies differ from one climate zone, one market, one user to another, rating tools & certification scheme provides an effective framework and a comprehensive guideline for proceeding with healthier, more efficient, and more cost-saving green buildings. 

EDGE Makes Green Simple & Affordable

Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE) is an innovation of the International Finance Corporation (IFC). And while EDGE is a system of 3 whole components, it is commonly known as a green building certification system that aims to increase the resources efficiency & reduce the environmental footprint of the building sector. EDGE focuses on 3 main areas: (1) Direct energy consumption (2) Water consumption (3) Embodied Energy in construction materials.

Being available in 160 countries, preventing over 410,00 tons of carbon emissions per year, with 3 essential components and rigorous technical standards, EDGE presents the business case for rapid urbanization & guides the building sector (of existing and new) towards a greener built environment, in one of the most affordable, applicable & intelligible approaches; as It allows, through its free app at  edgebuildings.com to  assess the most cost-effective strategies to incorporate energy and water saving options into homes, hotels, hospitals, offices and retail spaces. Based on a building’s parameters, the EDGE software helps experts explore best design opportunities and different pay-back scenarios through region-specific and use-based analysis. 

Aside from the certification system & the software, EDGE has a third component, which is a certification requirement, its infamous 20% savings standard. Any project that achieves a 20 % reduction in use of energy, water and embodied energy in materials compared to conventional buildings is eligible for EDGE certification & thereby has met the EDGE standard.

EDGE Experts Can Best Lead the Way

EDGE empowers building sustainably, offering tangible proof of the advantages of designing and building green, as it is smart, fast, affordable, and inclusive. It is aimed towards architects, engineers, building developers, investors, industry and building systems engineering professionals. EDGE different components bring these professionals’ skills, insights and passion for a greener tomorrow jointly to real life application, especially with the high demand of such a tool!

Today, experts do not seek only to thoroughly understand EDGE and its measures, but also to obtain and maintain its professional credential: EDGE Expert. To be accredited by IFC, EDGE experts prove to be the experienced professionals, trusted by their clients to provide significant support through certification process and various sustainability services. In addition, EDGE Experts find it easier to market their projects to potential developers globally with this credential, as it helps them accomplish more growth in their professionalism and career.

By becoming an EDGE Expert, professionals can expand their business and secure a spot in the green building marketplace. To become an EDGE Expert, all is required is to take the GBCI’s EDGE Technical Workshop, which is delivered to help participants understand the EDGE standard, use the EDGE software and navigate the certification process. Participants will also receive six CE hours to apply toward any other LEED credential maintenance requirements. 


EDGE Technical Online Workshop in Arabic!

Up-skill your practice and become an EDGE Expert. Take our GBCI’s EDGE Technical Online Workshop for EDGE Expert candidates, project teams, and consultants, organized by SEEDS Platform & Jordan Green Building Council, an online live streaming EDGE Expert Training with quizzes, a practical exercises, and other valuable resources.


The training will be delivered by Maysoon Al-Khuraissat, M.Arch. LEED© AP BD+C, USGBC© Faculty, EDGE© Expert, EDGE Auditor, and GBCI approved EDGE Trainer.


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