The Value of Waste - Leaders Monthly Social Event

The Value of Waste - Leaders Monthly Social Event

Under the title of "The Value of Waste", SEEDS Platforms hosted its' Fifth Leaders Virtual Social Event and featured an exclusive presentation by Waleed Esbaitah, Founder and Manager of Enviroserve Kuwait, and an exclusive talk by Orçun ÖZHELVACI, a SEEDS Leader and LEED & Waste Management, expert.
According to Alsulaili et al (2014), there are 16 landfills for waste in Kuwait which occupy 45.5 km^2 of land which is expected to increase on a yearly basis. Those landfills have a high impact on the environment and human health and do not meet the international environmental standards. Ignatian of gas emissions and bad-smelling odors can affect the air quality of the surrounding residential and commercial areas. With the increase of waste in Kuwait and the fact that government waste management schemes do not exist until today, the need for the private sector to take control of this situation is increasing and is currently the only viable solution. In comparison to other neighboring countries, landfills remain the dominant method of solid waste disposal in Kuwait, increasingly driving the urge for private waste management facilities.
As one of the latest start-ups in Kuwait, we are truly proud of is Enviroserve and its initiative toward electronic waste recycling.  Mr Waleed Esbaitah represented Enviroserve under the title of "Urban Mining & The Circular Economy". Waleed started his presentation by giving a background on Enviroserve to the attendees, being the first electronic waste operating facility in Kuwait. Enviroserve also offers destruction services for various industries such as the automotive industry, FMCG, beauty & cosmetics, and various other industries. Enviroserve Kuwait can downsize and segregate whatever they collect into 6 raw materials. Waleed emphasized the importance of segregation during his talk and how it can tackle various problems we have by creating products out of old used items. He also touched on the theory behind the circular economy and how enforcing recycling laws in Kuwait can be an efficient method to raise awareness as encouragement on its own is no longer an option. At the end of his presentation, Waleed offered SEEDS members a free e-waste pick up from any location as an event giveaway. More information can be found Enviroserve Kuwait via the following link:
Figure 1. Winner of Project Ucon: Attune Studio
The second presentation was given by Mr Orcun Ozhelvaci, a LEED Coordinator that has participated in over 20 LEED projects around the world. Under the title of "This is not waste", Orcun started his talk by highlighting the responsibilities our current generation has towards a better future for everyone. Waste generation increases with urbanization, especially in Kuwait as it's a developed country. He highlighted that we are all stakeholders of waste generation and we all can be part of it to minimize and tackle this problem. Orcun also talked about an inspiring project which he worked on last year in 2019 for Kuwait International Airport Terminal- 2 Project along with the owner of the project, The Ministry of Public Works. The project was called Project UCON which stands for "Project Under Construction". The idea was to generate and design Pavillions, furniture, and accessories out of the construction waste that was generated on-site from the T2 project. This was along with awareness seminars and activities that were held at AlShaheed Park. 5 Pavillions of the generated waste were designed, constructed, and assembled at Al-Shaheed Park. Attune Studio ( won the prize of the best Pavillion (Figure 1) out of 5 participating architecture and design studios. Orcun concluded his presentation by stating that he believes by conducting such events, we can increase awareness and prove the importance of waste management in  a very creative way that can hopefully inspire people to recycle.  

The event ended with a Panel discussion between our presenters and the Co-founder of SEEDS Platform Ms. Yasmeen Alkandari, and a Q&A session between the presenters and the attendees. To watch the full event on our youtube channel and hear the full panel discussion, follow this link:


Stay tuned to our next Leader's social event under the topic of Rethinking Oil! Register as member for free to recieve the info!



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