Kuwait Biggest Environmental Home Gardening Award

Kuwait Biggest Environmental Home Gardening Award

Kuwait Biggest Environmental Home Gardening Award

Coronavirus epidemic has revealed many things in Kuwait. People are under quarantine, curfew hours are longer, huge numbers of new cases every day, and a lot of stress. No one is absolutely sure about what is going to happen next, but governments all over the world are worried about the future. Among the problems that coronavirus caused Is Food Security, and when it comes to a country like Kuwait it very obvious that the concerns about food security are high, the academic institutes haven’t shown enough interest in agricultural research, Kuwaiti farmers are not well supported, and the black market has grown rapidly recently because of COVID-19. Unfortunately, Kuwait has no sustainable clear plan to ensure food security in the country. On the other hand, responsible authorities are going after unqualified farms, setting new rules to increase productivity, and keeping everything under control.

Coronavirus mad many changes yet gave us the gift of time. Aiming to support agricultural movements and research in Kuwait, Messila agricultural contracting company, one the biggest companies in the field has organized the biggest environmental home gardening award in Kuwait in cooperation with eco star environmental services. the competition aims to focus on scientific research, and the winners where chosen by 6 agricultural engineers with high experience and academic researchers in Kuwait. The winners where rewarded with a different types of plants, trees, and some of them are rare, and the first-place winner won a paid scholarship course in Wageningen University and Research in central Netherlands, focused on agricultural science and the technology of robotics.

The number of participants was high but only 7 researches where able to make it to the second round, the majority of participants where women, the competition was open to all citizens and residents in Kuwait, and 20% of participants where Advanced degree holders.

The first-place winner was miss fatemah alaryaan with 102 points

The second-place winner was miss miss shaima alfailakawi with 96 points

The third-place winner was miss tahani homoud with 95 points  

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The award has shown that the Kuwaiti community is welling to adopte with healthy agricultural practices yet they haven’t been supported before, it is clear that if innovation and research where well supported, then the outcomes will be greater, and problems like food security won’t be an issue.




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Yasmeen Alkandari Leader At 12:30 PM On May 3, 2020

That's the first time I hear about this award! Thank you for sharing this. I really hope we start seeing more of local agriculture practices in Kuwait!

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