Taking it from awareness to behavior change: SEEDS Platfrom Bloom Hour 1

Taking it from awareness to behavior change: SEEDS Platfrom Bloom Hour 1

The Bloom Hour(n,) Is an offline bimonthly networking event catered to serve SEEDS Platform members and non-members on topics that are related to the sustainable built environment. 

On Dec 4th 2019, Seeds Platform held their first bloom hour event at AlHamrah tower. AlHamrah tower has participated in this event along with KFH as strategic partners. Tatayab, The Behavior Change and Earth Roastery were the event sponsors. 

Mr Saud Alrakhayes during his talk


The seminar was presented by Mr. Saud Alrakhayes, the founder and senior behavior strategist, under the topic of: Taking it from Awareness to Behavioral Change. 

Saud shared the principles of marketing campaigns of behavioral change and he gave examples of marketing campaigns within the region of Kuwait, how the marketing campaigns of behavioral change might backfire instead of changing the community behavior if you did not study and address the selected segment, audience and the issue. 

Mr Rashed Almubarak particiting in the social behaviour exercise

Mr.Saud shared with the audience two exclusive marketing videos he had recently worked on with Tatayab and Earth Roastery. The campaign for Tatayab was on based on how a scent carries special feelings of any moment in your life and the scent reminds you of those feelings. The video can be watched on the following link: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5sma6zgLoR/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

The Earth Roastery marketing video discussed the environmental case, the story of Khaled, the largest tire graveyard in the world is in Kuwait. The video can be watched on the following link: 


The audience also shared their points of view on current issues in Kuwait and how to change the behaviour of the community such as reckless driving, social media negative effects on kids and increasing obesity. 

At the end of the seminar, the audience gave a very positive feedback on the bloom hour and filled in the survey wall provided by SEEDS Platform for the next event! The survey wall included questions about whether they have liked the event or if there are any environmental events that are recommended to be organized and curated by SEEDS in the future. 

SEEDS Platform would like to thank Tatayab and Earth Roastery for sponsoring the bloom hour with gifts for the attendees.






Finally, SEEDS Platform family would like to give special thanks to Mr. Saud for his phenomenal efforts for this event. 

Ms. Yuser Almutawa, SEEDS Platform COO, giving Mr Saud his participation award 


Taiba Alibraheem,

SEEDS Platform Team


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