Smart Grid Conference & Exhibition – Kuwait 2019

Smart Grid Conference & Exhibition – Kuwait 2019

The Smart Grid Conference and Exhibition is an event that occurs in Kuwait on a yearly basis where many organizations and companies in the renewable energy industry participate as well as experts in the electricity and engineering fields. 


The event was organized by Clean Energy Technology Network (EU-GCC ), and the Kuwait Society Of Engineers. Participants in the exhibition were international companies such as Siemens, Engie and  Boson, and local companies such as Kuwait Oil Company, Gulf Consult and Al Sallal International Group. During the there were many speakers giving talks highlighting different topics in the electricity field and the green technological industry. 


SEEDS Platform has proudly participated in this conference, both as a media partner and as an exhibitor and the outcome of this participation was outstanding. SEEDS’ booth hosted the conference visitors and allowed candidates to sign up as members on the days of the conference. This signup station was interactive and led to more people wanting to know more about SEEDS. When individuals signed up, they received giveaways as a thank you for becoming members. There were three different giveaways present at the booth, which also drew attention. Canvas bags with the SEEDS Platform logo printed on it, sustainable medallions, and rocca plant seeds. 


The first day of the conference was noticeably a crowded day.  There were CEO’s, senior engineers, technicians, business developers, architects, consultants and managers that were thrilled about the concept of  SEEDS Platform and were enthused to know more about the company. On this day, a variety of interested organizations, leaders, and individuals who later on ended up joining us as members on the website.


On the second day of the conference, a number of students joined us at the booth. They came to the realization that SEEDS Platform could provide them with access to articles and information that they cannot find on other online platforms which can be used to help them throughout their education.


As a media partner, SEEDS Platform has provided media coverage for the conference and exhibition prior, during and after to the opening of the conference. Conference speakers and agenda were announced on SEEDS Platform social media platforms prior to the event including instagram, LinkedIN and twitter. During the two days of the conference, social media  coverage of other booths present at the conference was provided. After the event, a full coverage video of the conference and exhibition was posted on SEEDS Platform homepage, youtube and all other social media platforms for SEEDS. The video can be watched on the following link:


By attending the Smart Grid Conference, SEEDS Platform gained a wide range of exposure to more than one area of the industry, which lead to successful memberships increase on SEEDS Platform. Our team has gained experience and knowledge from this particular conference and we are looking forward to our future participations.


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