Steps to Becoming a LEED Green Associate

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The Future is LEED

Buildings are one of the world's largest Green House Gases Emittors of the world. In the United Stated of America, they are responsible for 40% of the primary energy use and associated green house gases (An Assement of Energy Technologies and Research Opportuniteis, 2015). With these given facts, buildings and construction have a great impact towards mitigating global issues such as climate change and global warming. The world nowadays is moving towards designing green buildings that can help in creating a positive impact on the environment, reducing global warming potential and decreasing our carbon footprint. However, in order to construct a green building there must be clear standards and guidelines that are internationally recognised for engineers and architects to follow. Therefore, green building rating system have emerged. 

For over a decade, the U.S. Green Building Council has founded LEED, a green building certification system that can be used to measure how green a building is. With over 80,000 projects in over 162 countries participating in LEED, it is known to be one of the world’s most widely used green building rating systems in the world. The demand for professionals who can work with LEED has therefore increased, making the LEED Green Associate one of the most common and important credentials a person must get to pursue their career in the Green Buildings Industry.

However, to become a LEED Green Associate, a two-hour long exam must be taken. The exam is known for its tricky questions and by many people is consdiered slightly difficult. As a result, SEEDS Platform has created the SEEDS Guide 101: LEED V4 Green Associate Exam Prep Guide , an Ebook designed for the purpose of helping you study and ace the exam by sharing tips and summarizing the most important topics! 


What is LEED ? 

LEED is a Green Building Leader as it stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is recognised to be the most used green building certification in the world. LEED certification can be applied to all building types aiming to reduce carbon emissions, saving energy and looking to implement a sustainable living. 

According to GBCI “LEED is an international symbol of sustainability excellence that signifies a building that is lowering carbon emissions, conserving resources, reducing operating costs, prioritizing sustainable practices and creating a healthier environment.”  - GBCI.org


About Becoming a LEED Green Associate 

The exam is designed to measure and test the general knowledge of green building practices. It is also suitable for those new to green buildings and the LEED certification. However, to become a LEED Green Associate a two hour exam must be taken successfully. Once the exam is passed the LEED Green Associate credential is awarded. Therefore, becoming a LEED Green Associate will open a lot of doors for its credential holder as it demonstrates a strong foundation in the sustainability and green building sector. 


What is The SEEDS Guide 101? 

SEEDS Guide 101 was designed to simplify the studying process for individuals willing to take the LEED GA exam. Since the exam can be difficult to study for especially for those taking it for the first time, SEEDS Guide will help with knowing the tricks and main topics to focus on. The guide is structured and categorized to study in the most effective way possible. The image below shows the cover page of SEEDS Guide 101.


        SEEDS Guide 101 Cover Page

What does the SEEDS Guide 101 Cover? 

The SEEDS Guide is structured to cover effective  and simplified material. It starts with general tips, a summary of the most important areas to focus on under each credit category, a summary of all important definitions and standards, additional study resources and lastly it ends with some practice mock exam questions to make sure that the student is 100% ready to take the exam. A sneak peak image is provided below of the content the SEEDS Ebook covers.

         SEEDS Guide 101 Contents


How will the EBook help prepare for the Exam?

The Ebook aims to help students study smarter with the most efficient information available. It has provided simple tips for passing the exam. Students usually forget to focus on very simple key tips and those tips are given and can be found in the 2nd chapter of the Ebook. Most importantly the Ebook will highlight the key topics to revise after going through the LEED GA study material. The topics will be listed with brief explanations and what area to focus on in order to score high results in the exam.  The book also include guided steps on how to register for the exam! Here is another sneak peak of SEEDS Ebook content. 

                    SEEDS Guide 101 Contents


How to purchase the SEEDS Ebook ?

There are various online LEED Green Associsate exam preparation resources and SEEDS Guide 101 is one of the best ways to prepare for the LEED GA exam. Keep in mind that this Ebook does not provide detailed information about each credit category and does not replace the LEED reference guide. The purpose behind the guide is to summarize the most important topics and simplify the process of studying for your exam. SEEDS Guide 101 is available now at your fingertips and it can be purchased online! The first 10 copies will be sold at a special price! 

Click here to purchase the Ebook now and start your journey with LEED!


Written by: Noor Esbaitah 

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