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What I like most about SEEDS PLATFORM since day one I joined them as a Leader; is the innovative, collaborative, and knowledge-sharing business model used to introduce and advocate sustainability concepts, practices and knowledge among sustainability professionals, practitioners advocates and enthusiasts.  Another unique aspect of SEEDS Platform, is the point based incentive scheme which I believe is considered unprecedented in the MENA Region. I have personally benefitted from SEEDS Platform by introducing me to a variety of sustainability professionals as well as initiatives/online training platforms located regionally and internationally. I would love to see the platform positively and proactively facilitating and supporting the business networking and development aspects of sustainability services among its network or member organizations, leaders as well as individual members. In the course of the past couple of years; I have enjoyed collaborating and participating with SEEDS Platform in several on-site and online networking and educational events that benefitted me personally as an advocator as well as a learner. Thank you SEEDS Platform and keep up the good work.

Mohamed Abdelwarith Said
SEEDS Leader

“SEEDS platform is an excellent hub to everyone who works responsibly for the present and future health of the Earth. My experience in the platform is different than in everywhere else. The best part is that they are professional and keen to add an educational value and real life experience case to their members."

Eman Sabbah
SEEDS Leader

SEEDs Platform, our international podium & who doesn’t want to be on the podium. I will always be grateful to Yasmeen & Yuser for inviting me to be  among SEEDs leaders’ family. Interacting with great scientists and experts from the academia and different business background made the picture in its best frame. At the beginning, Yasmeen and Yuser impressed me with their ambition and the idea of establishing such a unique platform. It all started when we met and they explained the SEEDs Platform concept & idea. In short time, the platform is not only existing, it is a well-established body that many international experts aim at joining it and be part of such success story.
I work as a research associate at Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research. For a researcher, creating such platform and gathering international experts together where interaction and scientific collaboration can happen is super amazing opportunity.
Among its Mission, part of its statement SEEDs states “Provide dynamic solutions to inspire communities … etc”. Just the right context for experts from different disciplines to come together. Creating a common ground for international experts with different backgrounds to come together is by itself is a great motivation that made me join with no hesitation. I can surely say, SEEDs with its community is a great added value to me and to all the experts in their fields under the umbrella of sustainability & sustainable societies within a sustainable home our world. 

Dr. Yehya Alhadban
SEEDS Leader

سعدت بالتعرف على منصة سيدز من حوالي سنتين تقريبا لانها اول منصة تعنى بالاستدامة وحلولها .. وخلال هذه السنتين تعلمت العديد من المفاهيم الجديدة المتعلقة بالحفاظ على منظومة بيئية صحية   ..ولولا تسليط المنصة الضوء على هذه المواضيع المهمة والمتجددة  من خلال الدورات والمنشورات والورش  أخفيت عن معظمنا . وتعتبر المنصة ايضا حلقة وصل مباشرة وسهلت الاتصال مابين الفرد والخبير المختص بمثل هذه القضايا واخيرا اشكر سيدز على مبادرتها في محاولة  لخلق مثل هذا الوعي والاهتمام لدى المجتمع في المنطقة . وارجو كل التوفيق والازدهار في الاعمال القادمة . دانه الصايغ مهندسة كهرباء

Dana AlSayeghy
Professional Member

I chose SEEDS Platform Co. because it is one of the best online sustainability platform that offers so many sustainability related services under one roof such as courses, events, articles, webinars etc. I have pursued a couple of courses with SEEDS and was highly benefitted by each course. I was amazed with all the services provided by SEEDS and their level of commitment put into responding to the community of members if extremely professional and satisfactory. I love and appreciate their attention to details and creative approach of bringing the sustainability to life and creating an awareness among people.

Bandar Almutairi
Professional Member

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