Kuwait GBC

The Kuwait Green Building Council (Kuwait GBC) is a national, non-profit organization that is committed to developing a sustainable property sector for Kuwait by encouraging the adoption of green building practices. The Kuwait GBC was formed as an initiative in 2009 with organizations and businesses from different industries in Kuwait, and legally established as a company in 2017. It is uniquely supported by both private and public sectors in Kuwait, united in one common goal to provide leadership and to advance green building principles for protecting the environment and ensuring sustainability. The Kuwait GBC is affiliated with the World Green Building Council and part of its respected network and is committed to developing a varying set of programs and activities such as but not limited to: raising awareness about green building and it’s practices, taking part in general education, organizing bespoke seminars and workshop for high-school and university students, coordinating and leading professional development trainings, seminars, courses and events for capacity building, organizing technical workshops, seeking to influence regulatory, policy initiatives and adopting a national certification system for new and existing buildings, offering consultancy and advisory in the green building sector, etc. Kuwait GBC through its network of influential individuals, board members and organizations fuels and drives transformation towards policy and regulation adoption by government bodies, consistent rating system adoption, and certification of the buildings for energy efficient and green building practices to be implemented in the country. Kuwait GBC will focus both on educational and technical initiatives and activities, such as green building benchmarking and certification, and membership services. Kuwait GBC membership services will focus on professional development, capacity building, information providing, networking, exposure to the market, competitiveness, and others. The objective is to build a strong core of green professionals and green companies within the national building and development industry. Kuwait GBC will utilize strategic partnerships with local Universities, Professional Associations, NGOs, Public Institutions, local and international green organizations and green experts, to accomplish its objectives. The Kuwait GBC aims to promote and advance sustainable building practices by informing, researching, educating and consulting about the positive effects of climate protection through smarter resource consumption, innovative usage of renewable energy, cost-effective and green building technologies, better operations, with the positive effects on the health, quality of living, the economy, and the labor market. It is, therefore, the Kuwait GBC’s mission to encourage and engage the public, government and private sectors to adopt sustainable measures in the development sector in Kuwait. Kuwait Green Building Council following Kuwait Vision 2035 and Paris Agreement on climate change 2015, hopes of transforming Kuwait real estate sector into a world class sustainable, green and net zero sector, with the private sector leading market, supported by public institutions fostering legal framework, incentives and enabling flourishing and encouraging environment. KuwaitGBC: - Serving as a platform for collaboration to promote sustainability of the built environment in Kuwait - Providing resources, networking opportunities and information to those active in the sustainable buildings sector - Influencing policy, standards and regulation related to sustainable building environments - Providing the link between international, MENA green building movements and local industry

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